2+2= Imperialism

According to Harari, science, empire, and capitalism are all liked by referring back to how our minds are fit to “fictions”. Imagined orders in our brain all link up when it comes to the progression of science, empire, and capitalism. Harari briefly talks about how it connects to the caste system in early forms of empire, and how it defined how our capitalistic world is formed today. Harari also talks about the feedback loop between science, empire, and capitalism can be summed up from the past five-hundred years be saying that capitalism plus scientific inquiry equals imperialism. I definitely would have never have thought of it as an equation that ends up making a lot of sense when you think about it. All of Harari’s examples use capitalism using a scientific find and using it to benefit the system over other groups of people.


Harari’s idea of progress is the driving force of his linkage of science, empire, and capitalism. His argument is very strong however I see it a little bit differently than he does. Harari uses a broad blanket statement and then uses a bunch of examples to prove it to back up his statement. When I think about what progress actually is in the lifespan of the human race, I see it almost flipped and mirrored from Harari’s view of “progress”. I see the linkage of science, empire, and capitalism to be the reason there is progress. Harari sees that progress is the reason for those things to be linked. In my mind I can clearly see how separately each science, empire, and capitalism play the role as the catalyst in the entire progress of things for better or for worse, it has shaped what the world looks like today.