Techno fixing it

  1. LeCain’s argument is that the three types of techno fixes resulted in other environmental problems. While also giving insight into the strength and limitations of how we use and create techno fixes. The transformation techno-fix, the relocational techno-fix and the the delaying techno-fix are the typology for the problems. The biggest concern is how we approach such problems. These three techno fixes helped solve early pollution problems but in the process also had environmental problems. (LeCain P. 138) LeCain describes this in short that if we as humans win does the environment lose?  The truth is yes and should be handled with precaution and care. LeCain also reminds us that historians view pollution solutions offered by mining companies as self serving measures (LeCain P. 139).


  1. I feel like we do need those minerals they are essential to the human economy. But there also has to be other ways to mine less harshly. The more we mine the more we produce waste. We should take into caution how we use enveriematal techno fixes. LeCains believes it may not have been possible without it. He states “In many cases, however, simply avoiding certain ores or not mining and smelting at all may not have been a realistic option. In this light, the techno-fixes offered by the twentieth century mining engineers and scientists were at least a tentative step toward the modern goal of harmonizing the divergent demands of technical and environmental systems”(LeCain. P.151). In an overall sense he sums up why we need these things.