the state of the market

As humans began to develop new technologies and systems we found out what worked and what didn’t. Society used to circulate around family and communities, in which the supply and demand played a big part in life in terms of trading services when needed. Essentially favors were the currency. There were also kingdoms that had more of a structure with taxes in place (pg.356, Harari). As most things do, this whole system of community and family fell, bringing the industrial revolution into light. The industrial revolution brought new capabilities to the market in the form of transportation, communication, and gave the government social work in order to better society. This new state and market overcame family bonds and communities. An example that perfectly describes this transformation is family feuds being managed by the courts in stead of resulting instead of being a reoccurring problem in families (pg.359, Harari). The new state and market gave people and chance to become a new person and stray away from their families values. It lead people to be more self dependent and less involved in traditional family ways.

Historians study and past and how past events have shaped our world today, or something along those lines. I think the future of homo sapiens is up in the air right now and the end could be a possibility in the coming centuries. Historians should work in part with companies and developers who are at the forefront of modern technology. For example the bio film lab here at MSU has many different professionals with a wide array of knowledge, but there are not any historians working at the lab. I believe historians will play a vital role in the coming years with the progression of new technology.

345 thoughts on “the state of the market”

  1. Hi Fritz,
    I like your analysis and interpretation of the Harari reading, and I found it to be very similar to my understanding as well. I also thought that your comparison of pre-industrial revolution payments to favors was accurate and relatable. With this being said, however, I was wondering when I read your post, do you view the industrial revolution as the reason the state and market became central in our lives, or was it merely a product of it? You said that the old family reliant system fell, which brought the industrial revolution to light, but my thought was the industrial revolution was the cause of the family reliant system to fall. Another than this, I thought you have a very well thought out post and I also agree with your second paragraph, historians should play a big role in the future of Sapiens.

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