Technofixes? More like Sneko-rinses

LeCaines argument about the three types of technofixes is that regardless of what benefits may seem immediate, the negative repercussions and consequences greatly outweigh whatever short term fix it applies to the problem. LeCaines believes that its because of these technofixes that there are such horrible problems with industries such as mining for example, with the technofixes that they created a while back to mitigate some of the issues they were experiencing with the early mining days, such as the waste disposal and the pollution they were letting out. The pollution spread not only in the air, but along with the waste, it toxified entire ecosystems in the remote, natural beauties that these mines are located in. These ecosystems were never the same after these technofixes were applied to the old mining locations, and LeCaines completely opposed it.
Even with the knowledge that mining produces waste, I believe that a change will never happen due to the reliance that we as a people have built for all these minerals. The mining for these resources has been back for years by big companies and politicians, and not nearly enough citizens are concerned about what has been happening to cause an outcry and get action done. Even if an outcry were to occur, there is no guarantee that our leaders would take any action to resolve the catastrophic issues at play in nature.