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Technological fixes has already been ground down to a fine paste in this class. If anybody in this class still thinks that technological fixes are the answer to all problems, I would ask if they have actually done the reading. Techno Fixes are a cheap temporary solution to real long term problems. Instead of just stopping the actions that are hurting us and the planet we try to pad it with science. There are many technological solutions being worked on right now from large scale project of collecting oil from the ocean down to the smallest projects of microbes that eat plastic. These are still just bandaids for amputated limb. We produce more than we can clean up and as long as that is true it will always be a losing battle. If the technological solution starts a cultural change that eliminates the dangerous cycles in our society then it might make a change. If it can be done in the time that we need it to be done will remain to be seen. It takes government regulations to force everyone on the same page regardless of personal feeling.

The idea that anything is too new to be reliable is laughable, either it is verifiable and objective or it is not, science is as simple and complicated as that. Either you do the tests and you have proof and it is repeatable or you are full of your own opinion. Professor Tyndall did the science but unfortunately he and his wife died before publishing. “This was the first experimental confirmation of what is now known as the greenhouse effect.” (Reidy pg13) The science is there people just need to be educated on it. If there is any techno fix that could be done it would be to upload information into everyone’s head at the same time. It is very frustrating for people to be so stupid. They should do the science themselves, read the published articles, or like Henry Higgins said to keep their opinions to their health and the weather.

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  1. Aneasha-
    Nice post! I really like that you made it clear that technological fixes are only temporary fixes for serious problems. I agree that if there are people in this class that still think technological fixes are the solution to everything, they probably haven’t done the reading and they probably haven’t attended class either. I also like that you said it is frustrating for people to be so stupid. For me, it is frustrating for people to completely ignore science and the facts that it produces because they don’t want to change their lifestyles so they decide to say that science is too young and it can’t be accurate.

  2. I agree with your statement that technological fixes are only temporary fixes to an extent. How long into the future does a technological fix have to fix something until its not considered a temporary fix? I agree that most of the techno-fixes have been with the current problem in mind but they seem to have gotten better and better, so I believe that eventually that we get to a point that techno-fixes might be a permanent fix. Of course, since everything is connected, it will probably have to start with politics. I also totally agree with you about the infancy question, just because a science in still in “infancy” doesn’t mean that its in any way wrong. As to uploading information into people’s heads at the same time, the way I can think about doing that would be to have a informational video that everyone has to watch everyday.

  3. Really appreciate the no bullshit approach to this post, hardest I’ve laughed at any of these so far. Anyways, while I think you’re absolutely right that technological fixes are hardly fixes at all, I think it’s important to remember that they’re not completely useless. Even if a technological fix will inherently leave you swapping one problem for another, sometimes it’s better being stuck with an alternative problem. Such is the case with the technological fix of mass production. To solve the problem of hunger and poverty, humanity created incredibly efficient means to produce massive quantities of food and other necessary resources. Of course, the problems this left us with is an incredible amount of waste, an even more limited amount of resources and a growing gap in wealth distribution. However, I think most people would prefer the latter to the former. I think this is the same ordeal we find ourselves with technological fixes in regards to global warming. Although early renewable energy resources will likely be responsible for less energy than we’ve been accustomed to, and thus more responsibility in the historically irresponsible people using them, I think it’s ultimately preferable to all the threats we face that the IPPC (IPCC?) warns we’ll face at the hands of global warming. You’re second paragraph is absolutely true however, people need to stop be willfully ignorant.

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