Why We Climb Assignment

Project Assignment 

Pick a Mountain Assignment

Pick a Mountaineer

Project Prospectus


Week One:

CFP – Global Mountains Conference

Climbing Theory: A Handbook

CFP Panel on Verticality – ICHG2018 Warsaw

Malone Conference: Heights and Depths of History


Week Two:

Thinking Mountains Conference

Reidy, “The Most Recent Orogeny”


Long – Wall Rats – Yosemite

Rosenfeld – Why Men Climb

Huxley – Chamois


Week Three:

Daumal, Mount Analogue


Week Four:

Reidy – Tides of History – Chapter Eight

Reidy – From Oceans through Islands to Mountains

Reidy – Mountains and Minds – Chicago Proposal


Week Five:

Robert Macfarlane, Mountains of the Mind

Assignment: Pick a Mountain


Week Six:

Robert Macfarlane, Mountains of the Mind



Week Seven:

Pick a Mountaineer Assignment Due

(Example: Reidy on Halford John Mackinder)


Schrepfer – Introduction

Schrepfer – Part I

Schrepfer – Chapter 8

Schrepfer – Epilogue


The Curse of the Female First Ascent


Week Eight:

Maurice Hertzog, Annapurna


Week Nine:

Maurice Herzog, Annapurna

Journal Article Review Assignment Due


Week Ten: Spring Break


Week Eleven:

Bozeman Rock Climbing – Chapter One – Introduction

Bozeman Rock Climbing – Chapter Two – Geology

Bozeman Rock Climbing – Chapter Three – History


Taylor – Mapping Adventure


Week Twelve:

Taylor – Moralists

Taylor – Dirtbags

Prospectus and Sources Assignment Due


Week Thirteen:

Sherry Ortner, Life and Death on Everest


Week Fourteen:

Sherry Ortner, Life and Death on Everest


“Patagonia’s Philosopher King” in The New Yorker


You can also see the original one here:

Chouinard – Coonyard I

Chouinard – Coonyard II


Week Fifteen:

Final Research Project Due