::Complacency is Guilt & Response is Overdue::

It really seems like the only way that an “effective socio-technological fix” could be implemented in the United States by 2040 is if magically our economy changed from coal to something more “sustainable.” Our free market capitalist government has no real reason to switch energy sources until the last drop of oil and piece of coal has been burned, in my opinion. As mentioned in the New York Times article, there are people like the Koch brothers who are active members in multiple organizations like Americans for Prosperity and ALEC, which drafts model-legislation for our representatives to pass in congress. Koch Industries is the second largest private company in the United States which deals in petroleum, chemicals, fertilizers and such. These people are so rich and so powerful that unless they see a new lucrative business enterprise in global climate change, things won’t change.

Considering that Tyndall discovered what we now call the Greenhouse Effect in 1861, it’s not fair to say that climate science is in its infancy. In today’s connected and globalized world, the IPCC report was able to collect data from over 6,000 peer-reviewed articles written by people all around the world! That’s something that was impossible to do just 50 years ago. From what I’ve learned about the scientific community is that there is nothing that a scientist loves more than being able to disprove another’s findings. There exists this culture of constant self-policing and academic competition that has led to a pretty reliable and sound institution worldwide. Scientists want to ensure they’ve “got it right” for the fame and the fortune that comes with being right.

Trusting in scientific discoveries that have immediate benefits like vaccines and cancer treatments but not believing the less convenient ones like climate change is a reflection of a complacent populace.

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  1. I completely agree with your blog. I agree that giant companies that make a profit from fossil fuels will never agree with scientists’ findings on climate change because the CEO’s of those big companies are either too ignorant and do not think that humans are affecting the ecosystem, or those CEO’s only care about turning a profit anyway possible. There are obvious regulations that the large oil and mining companies must follow, but in my opinion, if oil and mining companies were able to disregard scientific findings on the effects of pollution on climate change and were not required to use safer techniques to remove elements, than those companies would use the bare minimum in terms of preventing pollution and future harm to the environment. The large, rich companies seem to be the ones who are always the cheapest. Let’s just hope some faith in humanity is restored soon.

  2. It is definitely interesting to look at how the economic aspects interfere with the climate aspects. For example, in Colstrip, Montana, they are actually in the process of shutting down the coal plants. Although this is great for the planet and moving Montana’s economy forward, many are against it. The main reason why is that by closing out the plant Montana is losing hundreds of high-paying jobs. (Which are very hard to find here.) Which is a huge deal for any of our elected officials. (I.e. yes we want to save the environment, but we also need to take care of our people.) I think that as new climate research comes out (they referenced data from 2010 in the IPPC article so I assume they focus on data every decade) there will be another push to make changes to our life styles. Perhaps we will see real change then.

    I also agree with your point about Tyndall. His research proves that climate change has moved beyond its infancy.

    Thank you for posting 🙂

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