Buckle your seat belt robin :)

The topic I felt easiest to be exhilarated over is golden rice. In today’s world of one in six Americans are going hungry, globally the number is roughly one in nine, it is a desperate time. The exhilarating thing about golden rice is its ability to potentially feed the world. We could feed children foods that will actually nourish them instead of f**king pizza. The “terrifying” thing about golden rice is the cultural fear surrounding genetically modified foods. It is kinda funny that everyone is up in defense about GMOs, when there are no related health risks to them know scientifically, but we know for a fact that roundup from Monsanto causes cancer! We will feed cancer cheerios to our babies, and eat cancer oats for breakfast, but hell no to nourishment engineered by doctors. Layman’s complain about genetic modification not being natural, however, “Farmers have been adjusting genes in single species ­­by cross-breeding them ­­for thousands of years. CRISPR simply offers a more precise way to do the same thing.”(Specter pg3)


Holy loaded question batman! Do you think I am a think tank theorist? There are thousands of papers, books, documentaries, movies, blogs, ext ad nauseam on the subject genetic manipulation for humans. I find it insulting to be asked this question and be limited to a paragraph blog response…it is incredulous. That being said it is still illegal in the US, so it doesn’t really matter what I think unless I want to go to China. Where a team of scientists has genetically modified embryos(although I could only find this in fluff media because no scholarly articles were published). They have supposedly genetically altered 86 individuals. The door to genetic testing should not be closed completely because it has unlimited potential for learning more about the types of diseases that are genetic.

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